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New Church Sign: Merry Mas!

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Church Sign-Christmas 2014Our new church sign reads:

Merry Mas!

…It’s just not the same without Christ!

Want to know the easiest way to annoy Christians in December?

Wish them a Happy Xmas!

We Christians also have our own cliché to respond with: “Jesus is the reason for the season!”

But behind the pedestrian rhyme is a serious point.

The very name – Christ-mas – tells you it’s about the Christ.

As the angel told the shepherds, “Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.” (That’s Luke’s biography of Jesus, chapter 2, verse 11).

You see ‘Christ’ is not his surname, as if you’d find the family listed under the Cs in the phone book: Joseph and Mary Christ, number 7 Carpenter Way, Nazareth!

Christ is his title – Christ Jesus – a bit like we say Professor Wong or Doctor Smith.

‘Christ’ was the title for the great, Holy Spirit-anointed, justice-bringing, peace-establishing, cosmic King of Israel promised for the nations by the Old Testament.

As for -mas, it’s just a suffix that refers to a festival season, or festival church service in particular.

(I seem to recall in the old days that third term was called ‘Michelmas’ at Sydney University, because it began around the end of September on St Michael’s Day!

Anyway, Christmas just isn’t the same without the Christian belief that Jesus is the Christ, whose birth we celebrate this season.

Without Christ, we’re left with an ever-increasing struggle to hold onto family, amidst commercialism and greed and existential angst.

With Christ, we have a great King, a solution to corruption, and peace with God,

Recently a colleague spoke of how comforting the familiar Christmas season is…

The favourite, festive foods. The sparkling lights. The old Christmas tree, maybe with a new ornament. The family get-together. And the carols.

And there’s even a place for Jesus. As my friend said, “Good to see you this year, Jesus. Hope you don’t mind we’ve placed you on the kids’ table again.”

Friends, Jesus is not just for kids. The angel said he is Christ the Lord.


Master of the Universe! And that means Lord of your life.

So grown ups have no excuse for leaving him out of the picture. Christ-mas is not the same without Christ.

As the last line of Silent Night says, “Jesus, Lord at Thy birth!”

Or another favourite: “O come let us adore him, Christ the Lord”.

Join us for our Christmas services here.

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