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Mission Update ECU (AFES at UOW)

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O week 2017! Photo by Evangelical Christian Union (ECU), Wollongong.

In March, Wollongong ECU (Evangelical Christian Union) is our Mission of the Month. ECU is the Christian group on campus at the University of Wollongong, part of AFES, the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students, which supports ministries on universities all over Australia.

The branch of AFES that focuses on international students is called FOCUS (the Fellowship of Overseas Christian University Students), also here at UOW. The AFES vision is ‘proclaiming Jesus at university so as to present everyone mature in him’.

AFES campus ministries are big gospel opportunities because

  • University is often a time of increased openness to exploring new ideas;
  • International students are often curious about Christianity;
  • Christian students from a variety of backgrounds are exposed to solid Bible teaching;
  • Future leaders of our nation and churches often come from the ranks of uni grads.

From St Michael’s, Richard Chin is the national Director of AFES. Rob Copland, Anglican Chaplain at UOW, is the Campus Director of ECU. Jeanette Waddell joins the team to take over as senior female pastoral worker. James Kerr oversees ministry training, while Jon Baird leads the local FOCUS work with overseas students. James Chen, and Varun & Divya Varghese are ministry apprentices.

All these people must raise their own support. Apart from your giving to ‘mission of the month’ at church in March, you could contact any of them if you wished to help sponsor one of them individually. More information at by searching for a particular surname or university.

Please pray that following Orientation Days last week, pray that AFES staff and students will connect with  lots of students – both Christian and not – to reach, disciple and love.

Parish Council Update

  • A number of encouraging Engage activities were noted: Apartment adopt-a-block (now with enough volunteers), Men’s Meat-Up, the Towards Belief video series (still underway), and the yet-to-come Handmade and Hand-me-down mini market on Saturday 11th The launch of “Wednesday nights” for young adults will both engage young adults new to our church and equip more generally for discipleship.
  • We received a report on the church planting initiative for late on Sunday morning, with the timeslot (yet to be confirmed) as the first identifier, e.g. “11am – Easy English”. There will be a congregational meeting for questions, comment and answers soon.
  • The AGM is scheduled for Monday 27th Please consider nominations.
  • We donated the unspent balance from the 2016 ‘poor relief’ budget to Anglicare.
  • The Marketview lease invites a ‘review to market’ for the rent every decade. We are grateful that UOW accepted the increase suggested as appropriate by our valuer.
  • We are liaising with Church Property Trust and an agent for letting Mangerton Road.
  • And we are beginning to follow up a strategy for broader property priorities.
  • We resolved to enter a partnership as a primary sending church for CMS Missionaries In Training, S & K, noting the intention to head to an unreached people group.
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