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Confirmation: Reflections by the Confirmees

View from the pew

Last Sunday, in front of their family, friends and the 7pm congregation, ten young members of St Michael’s made a public declaration of their faith in an uplifting Confirmation Service conducted by Bishop Reg Piper.

They boldly vowed;

to turn to Christ,

repent of their sins,

reject selfish living and all that is false and unjust,

and renounce all that is evil.

The congregation, in turn, agreed to support them in their response to God’s call to love and serve Him throughout their lives.

I loved seeing the supportive and loving family I have been adopted into because of Christ’s adoption of us as his sons and daughters.” 

“I loved that I could declare my faith to everyone publicly. It really is a blessing to live in a free country, where we can share God’s word freely. I wanted to be confirmed, because I want everyone to know that Jesus is my Lord and Heavenly Father.”

The confirmees prepared over several weeks doing the Youthworks ‘Keep the Faith’ studies with Andy, specifically looking at the Trinity through the lens of a variety of Bible passages and the Nicene creed, which was thought-provoking and challenging.

“I was able to be challenged and encouraged through the studies we did in the classes, and particularly by the topic; Jesus Christ God for us, as we talked about Jesus death and resurrection.”

 “One of the things I really enjoyed was learning, and growing in our knowledge of God together each week and seeing that growth in each other; in my family in Christ.

“Through completing the program I learnt of the ‘basic’ principles we, as Christians, believe and most importantly delved deeper into God’s gospel which revealed his great and powerful character.”

Matt Shannon reflected afterwards that it would be easy to get caught up in the confirmation service and think that the job is done, but Reg’s sermon from Hebrews 12:1-2 “gave us some perspective on the commitment we were making and encouraged us to press on in the faith for the rest of our lives.”

Each confirmee chose their favourite memory verse and recited it to Reg and Sandy, whilst sharing the impact of that particular verse in their lives. The sermon from Hebrews 12 urged them to ‘run the race’ for Jesus, by ‘running hard and running straight’; whilst practically outlining how they can throw off the sin in their lives and staying focused on Jesus in the way they live, relate and love others. This was very helpful and encouraging for not only the confirmees, but for all those present.

Continue to pray for: Matt Shannon, Daniel Pritchard, Mary Bul, Isabella Madry, Amy Wearing, Shania Perl, Ned Pratt, Joel Trotter,  Hannah Moodie and Jemma Copland.

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