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December Mission & Parish Council Update

Church Governance, Missions

2018 Mission of the Month Allocations

Our Mission of the Month allocations for 2018 cover both local and international, direct missionary & teaching work and aid & development, ministry training & Bible literacy:

  • January Church Missionary Society (CMS)
  • February Anglicare
  • March Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (for ECU @ UOW)
  • April Moore College, & Anglican Aid (Overseas Ministry Fund)
  • May Tim & Siew Mun Nicholls (with Equip Malaysia)
  • June Church Missionary Society
  • July Bible Society, & Scripture Union
  • August Wollongong Combined Churches Education Board (WCCEB)
  • September Church Missionary Society
  • October Regional Indigenous Ministries (Macarthur & Shoalhaven)
  • November Anglican Youthworks
  • December Church Missionary Society

Anything marked “Mission” via EFT giving is directed to the Mission of that Month. If you use the duplex envelopes for mission giving, your offertory will go by default to Mission of the Month. (Parish Council sometimes tops this up from general income.)

Parish Council also has a policy of only promoting those Christian missions and charities, adopted as a Mission of the Month. The Parish Council also enables an annual opportunity to support a few other projects via the one-off annual Thanksgiving Day.

Apart from that – as a parish – we do not promote other missions or charities. The reason is not that other organisations are unworthy. Just that we need to focus giving, prayers, and promotional energy on a limited number of groups, otherwise efforts become too diluted.

Parish Council Update – December

  • As always, we start with a member’s Bible reading –1 Samuel 2:1-10 – and prayer.
  • We received a report from Liam Shannon covering his responsibilities, particularly with the 9:30am and 7[m congregations, and developing maturity, especially with our growth groups for prayer and Bible study.
  • We discussed the implications of changes to marriage law in Australia that pastoral staff, especially our ordained marriage celebrants need to think through.
  • We again noted the dates for the refreshed quarterly church Prayer Summits: Wednesdays 31 January, 2 May, 25 July, 17 October. Please put the dates in your diary and commit to one of the time slots: 7am, 10am, 5pm or 7:30pm.
  • We discussed the budget for 2018, and also noted with pleasure the appointment of Matthew Shannon as Youth Ministry Trainee (20hr/week) and Skye Walker as Women’s Ministry Trainee (16hr/week) for 2018.
  • We were grateful for the sponsorship of the Quiz Worx visit to SRE Christmas assemblies and our kids club Christmas craft, which were very impressive.
  • In terms of maintenance, we noted some electrical repairs.
  • We resolved that unspent poor relief budgeted for 2017 would be directed to Anglicare Wollongong.
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