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Jesus is … The reason I teach SRE!

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For many children in our local primary schools, Scripture or SRE ( = Special Religious Education) is the only time that they hear about Jesus. It is the only time that they get to read a Bible and learn how amazing Jesus is.

These children need to know how much Jesus loves them; that he is the real reason for Christmas and Easter; that he is still alive; and that he wants to be their friend. Jesus is the reason I teach SRE.

However, I have always found talking to people about Jesus quite daunting. It never seems to be the right time and I struggle with what to say. The fact that we need a mission like “Jesus Is _____.” – to encourage us to speak up – shows that I’m not alone. 

So, I’m looking forward to the training for March’s mission. It’s been helpful to think about how I would complete the “Jesus is _____.” sentence, but I still need to practice the conversational opener. I’m considering whether I should update my “Jesus Is _____.” T-shirt or go with the coffee “keep cup” this year. And I have started praying for a couple of friends who I’d love to discover that Jesus is … for them!

While I still find it difficult to initiate a conversation about my faith, teaching SRE has certainly helped me to become more confident talking about Jesus.

 Timing is not an issue – when I go into a classroom the students are expecting to hear about God. What to say is also largely taken care of – the Youthworks curriculum directs me to a specific area of the Bible each week and provides me with more than enough material to fill my lesson.

There is also the encouragement that comes from being part of a team working together in ministry. And lastly and perhaps most importantly there is the confidence I gain from handing the lesson over to God in prayer and trusting in the work of the Holy Spirit. 

The SRE co-ordinators for our local primary schools are currently planning for the year ahead and they always need more teachers. If you are interested in finding out more about this important ministry, why not come along to the SRE Conference at Dapto Anglican on February 6 or talk to Andy about how you can support the St Michael’s SRE team.

Margaret Moodie
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