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February Mission & Parish Council Update


Mission of the Month Update

Uni Bible Group is March’s Mission of the Month. It’s the Christian group at the University of Wollongong. It is part of AFES, the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students, which supports ministries at universities across Australia. The branch of AFES that reaches international students called FOCUS (the Fellowship of Overseas Christian University Students), also operates here at UOW.

AFES campus ministries are big gospel opportunities because:

  • University is often a time of increased openness to exploring new ideas;
  • International students are often curious about Christianity;
  • Christian students from a variety of backgrounds are exposed to solid Bible teaching;
  • Future leaders of our nation and churches often come from the ranks of uni grads.

From St Michael’s, Richard Chin is National Director of AFES. Rob Copland is Uni Bible Group’s Campus Director. Jeanette Chin is the senior female pastoral worker. James Kerr oversees ministry training. Jon Baird leads the local FOCUS work with overseas students.

All these people must raise their own support. Apart from giving to ‘mission of the month’ at church in March, you could contact any of them if you wished to sponsor one of them individually. More information at by searching for ‘Wollongong’.

Please pray for diligence, gospel-minded and welcoming conversations as we follow up over 200 contacts from Orientation Week; for us boldly to proclaim Christ; for raising up and equipping future gospel ministers; and for AFES Wollongong staff who are currently seeking partners in the gospel to support them financially and in prayer.

Parish Council Update – February Meeting
  • As usual we began with a Scripture reading from Colossians 1:1-14 and prayer.
  • We received a report on the “Jesus is _____.” Mission: the regional training day, over 8000 pieces of merchandise sold across 60 churches, the “Jesus is Living Water” social justice event on 10 March, and the Moore College Mission week (18-25 March)
  • We were delighted with the strong attendances at the inaugural Prayer Summits.
  • We noted that the AGM is scheduled for Monday 9 April (permission has been given for this later date, due to the regional mission in March).
  • We accepted a quote for a replacement air conditioner in the front office admin room.
  • We thanked Col and Lachlan Moodie for their work in extending our WiFi reach and enabling ‘guest’ access to the network via voucher, especially for ministry leaders.
  • We accepted a quote from Hector Abrahams Heritage Architects to update costs for the outstanding tasks on the 2003 St Michael’s Cathedral Conservation Management Plan and to add details of maintenance and repair tasks for the two 1908 and 1925 halls (this item was budgeted for 2017, but not completed then).
  • We agreed to subsidise the full cost of attending “Safe Ministry“ training (whether online or face-to-face) for those at St Michael’s who wish to begin or continue serving in a ministry to children and youth under 18.

We will consider a proposal for solar panels on the office roof at March’s meeting.

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