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We can clap, We can stamp, We can share salvation!

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Mini Mikes Playtime is a ministry to families with children 0-5 years of age. We meet 9:30-11, Thursday mornings during school term, with the aim of showing Christ-like love to the families, in hope that we have opportunities to share the gospel with them.

We have a core group of Christian mums, led by Liz Shannon, who organise craft, stories and songs. The rest of our number comprises families from various cultural and religious backgrounds. Some weeks are relatively quiet while others border on chaos! Often the families have come to Wollongong for short-medium term work/study and are far from the comforts of home. The mums are often professional women, unable to work, drive or speak in their first language here, so crave the community they’re offered at Mini Mikes.

Before becoming involved I underestimated both how much work running Mini Mikes was, and how fruitful this ministry could be.

Convinced by a friend, who was at the time helping a Mini Mikes mum from Iraq investigate Jesus, I decided that if I had the time I could probably come and help. After all, I knew I could cut fruit, wash dishes and pour a cup of tea with a smile on my face! So when I was on annual leave I came for a one off visit.

Amazed by how much needed to be done and the potential this ministry had, I became a regular helper while on maternity leave.  I got to know that lady investigating Jesus too… And though she has returned to Iraq and things aren’t easy, she continues to trust Jesus! Praise God!!! Who would have thought that amid the laughing, bike riding, squeals of excitement, banging of tambourines, crying babies and those toddlers at morning tea the gospel would be understood clearly enough (across the language barrier) to save this dear sister? …Not me! But I was wrong. The gospel IS the power of God that brings salvation (Romans 1:16). And we have the opportunity to share it with these families looking for stability during a time of change.

We are a small part of what happens at church each week. But we would love you to partner with us in this important work. Here are a few ways you can do that…

  1. Please pray! …That our Christian songs, Bible stories and conversations will help bring our families from other backgrounds to a saving faith in Jesus (as one very kind lady did publicly at our Prayer Summit).
  2. Please invite people to join us – there’s still plenty of room around that morning tea table!
  3. Please consider whether you might be able to come along to help, either as a one off volunteer, or on a regular basis – it’ll free up the Christian mums to have those all-important gospel conversations. If you’re interested in this please do let me know!

In Christ,

Chantell Willis
(9:30am congregation)

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