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Minister’s Letter – Month of Mission Prep

Announcements, Events, Ministers' letters, Missions, News & Prayer

The day I wrote this letter, I was praying with fellow church members and missionaries at the CMS Summer School in Katoomba. Some of our missionaries serve in a location where the government can make it difficult for people who are Christians. In one situation, employers now use a questionnaire, which includes a question that…

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How to Wound Friends and Influence People

Announcements, Resources

Sandy recently preached at Kurrajong Anglican’s recent day camp. Broadly speaking, it’s the area of what the world calls ‘conflict resolution’ and what Christians call loving one another! Sandy considers these some of the most important talks he’s ever given (and some of the hardest to put consistently into practice). Here are the links to each of…

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Easy English Church to launch April 30

9:30am, Announcements, Church Governance, General

For quite some time, in different forums people from St Michael’s have been discussing options for an “Easy English” church (EEC). At its meeting in March, our Parish Council: welcomed our Senior Minister’s notification that from Sunday 30th April he intends to commence an extra morning service of public worship, such that Sunday services would then usually…

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Towards Belief

Announcements, Community, Events, News & Prayer, Social comment

“Towards Belief” is a series of 30 minute videos on common ‘belief blockers’ that both those inside and outside the faith can struggle with.   Is it reasonable to be a person of faith? How can we deal with issues of suffering, science, violence, abuse and the supernatural in our consideration of God? Towards Belief  set out to provide…

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Mission Update – Anglicare

Announcements, Church Governance, Missions

In February, our Mission of the Month giving is directed to Anglicare Community Services. Some of will know that 2016 saw the merger of the old Anglicare with ARV (Anglican Retirement Villages). This was to create greater scale to navigate an increasingly complex welfare and aged care world. Donations to Anglicare express the love of…

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Minister’s Letter – Rise of the Local

Announcements, Community, Ministers' letters

Leading Australia social researcher, Mark McCrindle* has identified his top 5 trends for 2017. No. 1 was the rise of the local, as our cities grow. For example, he says that increasingly, “residents live, work and interact in a part of their city rather than the traditional commuter approach […] The year ahead will see…

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Mission Update ~ 2017 Mission of the Month Allocations

Announcements, Church Governance, Events, Missions

Our Mission of the Month allocations for 2017 cover both local and international, direct missionary & teaching work and aid & development, ministry training & Bible literacy: January      Church Missionary Society (CMS) February    Anglicare March         Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (for ECU @ UOW) April         …

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Minister’s Letter – Ready for Christmas?

5pm, Announcements, Community, Events, Ministers' letters

Friends, are you ready for Christmas? That’s the theme of our Christmas postcard and advertising video this year… Which thanks to our Communications Minister, Lauren Russell, was all ready to be used even before December arrived! Keep your eyes and ears out, and be ready to share on Facebook, or via email, or better still…

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Mission Update – CMS

Announcements, Church Governance, Missions, View from the pew

In December, our Mission of the Month giving is devoted to CMS – the Church Missionary Society. Through CMS, we continue to support these three wonderful sets of CMS link missionaries: Catherine Read, returning from student ministry in Ireland; Mal and Charissa Forrest in church pastoral work, Jordan; D & L, development work with students,…

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New Church Sign: Jesus died

Announcements, Community, News & Prayer

New Church Sign: Jesus died is history. Jesus died for you is Christianity. It might surprise you to know some people contest that first statement. They deny Jesus died on a cross, by execution at the hands of Pontius Pilate, a Roman governor in Judea, in the early 30s A.D. To do so, they avoid…

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