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The Bible: further resources on reliability and relevance

Community, Events, News & Prayer, Resources

Following the second topic on the Bible (buy or rent online here) in our Towards Belief video discussion series, here are some resources on suffering for further reaction and study. Browse the descriptions and pick and choose what sounds most relevant… ARTICLES On the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible in English, our…

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Suffering: resources for further reflection and study

Community, Events, News & Prayer, Resources

(Image above: Richard Swinburne, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, interviewed by series host, Karl Faase.) Following the first topic on Suffering (buy online here) in our Towards Belief video discussion series, here are some resources on suffering for further reaction and study. Browse the descriptions and pick and choose what sounds most…

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Towards Belief

Announcements, Community, Events, News & Prayer, Social comment

“Towards Belief” is a series of 30 minute videos on common ‘belief blockers’ that both those inside and outside the faith can struggle with.   Is it reasonable to be a person of faith? How can we deal with issues of suffering, science, violence, abuse and the supernatural in our consideration of God? Towards Belief  set out to provide…

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Minister’s Letter – Rise of the Local

Announcements, Community, Ministers' letters

Leading Australia social researcher, Mark McCrindle* has identified his top 5 trends for 2017. No. 1 was the rise of the local, as our cities grow. For example, he says that increasingly, “residents live, work and interact in a part of their city rather than the traditional commuter approach […] The year ahead will see…

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The Priority of Relationships

Community, Ministers' letters, Prayer

Friends, as part of his MTS ministry traineeship, Steve and I have been discussing Broughton Knox’s The Everlasting God. I was the very first generation of students to begin at Moore College who did not receive a single lecture from Dr Knox, its Principal prior to Peter Jensen. Dr Knox’s theology has been pivotal in…

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View from the Pew

Community, View from the pew

I think it is fair to say that many people worldwide found 2016 to be a year of pain, sorrow and division. Nations around the world faced momentous conflicts. Events such as the attempted coup in Turkey, the tragic situation in Aleppo, Britain voting to leave the EU, and the US election all took centre…

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Is Wollongong ready for Christmas?

Community, Social comment

Click here for more information about our Christmas services at St Michael’s!

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Minister’s Letter – Ready for Christmas?

5pm, Announcements, Community, Events, Ministers' letters

Friends, are you ready for Christmas? That’s the theme of our Christmas postcard and advertising video this year… Which thanks to our Communications Minister, Lauren Russell, was all ready to be used even before December arrived! Keep your eyes and ears out, and be ready to share on Facebook, or via email, or better still…

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Light versus Darkness

Community, View from the pew

Blackout! And just when the nurse was about to put drops in my eyes! What had been a small, well-lit room was now a completely black area with no defining characteristics. I couldn’t see the nurse and she couldn’t see my eyes. So, it was back to the waiting room.  While sitting here, I recalled…

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Minister’s Letter – Apartment Engage

Community, Ministers' letters, Missions, Prayer

Friends, recently an 8am congregation member asked: What are we doing for the new apartment residents in the Gong? You can’t help but notice cranes on the horizon and hundreds of new apartments going up, where eventually a few thousand extra residents will move in around the Wollongong CBD – our parish! People who are moving…

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