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Ministers' letters

Friends, recently a very good friend of mine, working in a Christian organisation, reported this story from a colleague: She said, “I’m a signs person. My sign is butterflies. When I need to make a decision, I pray that God will show me a butterfly. And yesterday a butterfly came in through the door with…

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Dealing with Pornography

Ministers' letters

There are many reasons why pornography is harmful. It distorts our view of sex, it damages our relationships, it costs us time, it undermines God’s mission and our witness to Christ, it offers satisfaction but instead delivers enslavement. There are many more reasons why pornography is harmful but I want to highlight another reason from…

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Of First Importance

Ministers' letters

Friends, In my Minister’s Letters throughout 2017, I will spend some time unpacking each of the “Values” in St Michael’s “Vision 2020” statement of mission, vision, values and goals. And the very first of the 10 listed is that we value: The centrality of the cross of Christ and his resurrection in our lives and…

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An Easy English Congregation

Ministers' letters, Ministries, People

  Friends, Last Sunday was Vision Sunday at St Michael’s. We heard our vision and some of the exciting plans for 2017. This includes an Easy English Congregation, onsite, on late Sunday mornings. An Easy English Congregation is an exciting and significant next step for the ministry of the word and prayer at St Michael’s, continuing…

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Minister’s Letter – Rise of the Local

Announcements, Community, Ministers' letters

Leading Australia social researcher, Mark McCrindle* has identified his top 5 trends for 2017. No. 1 was the rise of the local, as our cities grow. For example, he says that increasingly, “residents live, work and interact in a part of their city rather than the traditional commuter approach […] The year ahead will see…

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The Priority of Relationships

Community, Ministers' letters, Prayer

Friends, as part of his MTS ministry traineeship, Steve and I have been discussing Broughton Knox’s The Everlasting God. I was the very first generation of students to begin at Moore College who did not receive a single lecture from Dr Knox, its Principal prior to Peter Jensen. Dr Knox’s theology has been pivotal in…

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New Year, new you?

Ministers' letters

How do you feel about the start of a new year? Does it fill you with excitement, or fill you with anxiety? Are you looking forward to a happy event and all that the future might hold, or dreading that milestone birthday or saddened by failing health and the relentless marching of time? Do you…

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Minister’s Letter – Ready for Christmas?

5pm, Announcements, Community, Events, Ministers' letters

Friends, are you ready for Christmas? That’s the theme of our Christmas postcard and advertising video this year… Which thanks to our Communications Minister, Lauren Russell, was all ready to be used even before December arrived! Keep your eyes and ears out, and be ready to share on Facebook, or via email, or better still…

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Minister’s Letter: Post-Election Prayer

Ministers' letters, News & Prayer, Social comment

Friends, I have adapted this Scripture and prayer from Scotty Smith’s daily prayer blog, in particular, “A Prayer for a Day Before an Election”. Wollongong also had its own by-election for the state parliament yesterday too. And regardless of your politics, there are good reminders about out ultimate centre and security here… Do not be…

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Minister’s Letter – Good Question

10am, Ministers' letters, Ministries, Prayer

Friends, how would you answer these questions? What does it mean to live as a Christian? What did we do to deserve Christ dying for us? Does God love us more when we become Christian? When people say “Jesus Christ!”, is it not always good? These are all questions I have heard recently. All of…

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