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Category: View from the pew

Teaching the Nations

Ministries, View from the pew

Imaginez vivre dans un pays où vous ne pouviez pas comprendre la langue. Même les tâches quotidiennes deviendraient une vraie corvée. If you didn’t understand the first two sentences, chances are you don’t speak French! Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a place where you don’t understand the language? Even…

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Review: Families Equip Parenting Course

Events, View from the pew

For five Mondays in July and August, Jon and I attended the Families Equip Parenting Course. We thought it was so good! The course was written and presented by lay ministry couple, Kate and Ian Pearse, and is endorsed by Mother’s Union. Kate and Ian brought with them a humble, considered framework for approaching parenting…

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My Bible Reading Challenge

View from the pew

During the month of August, St Michael’s started a Bible reading challenge. As part of that, I was interviewed by Stacey in the 5pm Sunday service regarding my personal Bible reading. This is an excerpt from that interview… In the mornings, I usually read a page from a daily devotional book called “Our Daily Journey”. There is…

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Remember… in the days of your youth

View from the pew

I have been a leader of the Junior Youth Group, held here at St Michael’s every Friday night (during school terms), for the past four and a half years. Before that, I also attended CrossWired (as it used to be called) from age 11 until I graduated at age 18. For me personally, the Youth…

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A better vision

View from the pew

My husband and I need to repair our sunroom. In the rain, the roof leaks buckets of water; when it’s winter the cold frosts over; in summer it’s a sauna. To me, a leaking roof is an opportunity not just to repair, but to renovate – to extend the lounge, raise the roof, heighten the…

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The Social Church: Using Facebook to share the Gospel

Ministers' letters, Missions, View from the pew

  I’m going to start with a couple of controversial statements:  It’s easier than ever to share the gospel. You can be a missionary in one of the world’s largest “countries”, today! Sometimes we use work or busyness as an excuse for not sharing the gospel. We even (embarrassingly) admit that because we spend so…

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Prayer: What is it?!

Prayer, View from the pew

What reactions are stirred within you when you hear the word “prayer”? Do you feel apathy, guilt, fear (especially of praying aloud), confusion, discouragement? Or do you feel comfort and assurance? I’ve experienced them all. Of that list, one major hindrance to my prayer is confusion. What exactly is prayer? How should I pray? Am…

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Why call it good?

Community, News & Prayer, People, Uncategorized, View from the pew

As we approach this Easter, which will be my 89th, I share some thoughts with you… When I was a lot younger, even though I realised the significance of Good Friday, I couldn’t understand why it was called ‘Good’. But this short poem put it very clearly: Good Friday, why call it good, When on…

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Loving, not nice

View from the pew

  Often I find it easier to be nice rather than loving. Most days I’d rather have a nice chat with a friend between classes at university than read the Bible with them and ask how they’re really going with God. Some days I’d prefer to go to the beach instead of the Uni Bible…

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Turning Out Kids

People, View from the pew

Children are a heritage from the LORD – Psalm 127:3 ‘What did you do to get your kids to turn out so well?’  I have often been asked this question by Christian parents I know who are genuinely concerned to raise their kids to know and love the Lord. Our kids are not perfect kids…

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