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Marriage Lecture audio

The audio of the recent public lecture by our Senior Minister, Sandy Grant: “Defining and Defending Christian Marriage in an Age of Redefinition”, delivered at St Michael’s on Thursday 18th June, is available here…

[Total time about 91 minutes: 40 minutes lecture; + 8 minutes response from Peter Kell (former CEO, Anglicare) and Tony McClellan (Chair of the ACL); followed by just over 40 minutes of Q&A; file size 22MB; talk outline here – Defining and defending marriage 2015 OL]


UPDATE: Sorry for the clumsy methods, but we’re waiting for the fancy website upgrade and you’ve got the amateur here! So if you want to actually download the file, you could:

  • click on this link, then select “save page as”, and it might download the file, or
  • ‘right click’ (or ‘control + click’ on a Mac) on that link, and that might do it too!
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