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Category: Church Governance

Easy English Church to launch April 30

9:30am, Announcements, Church Governance, General

For quite some time, in different forums people from St Michael’s have been discussing options for an “Easy English” church (EEC). At its meeting in March, our Parish Council: welcomed our Senior Minister’s notification that from Sunday 30th April he intends to commence an extra morning service of public worship, such that Sunday services would then usually…

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Mission Update ECU (AFES at UOW)

Church Governance, Ministries, Missions

In March, Wollongong ECU (Evangelical Christian Union) is our Mission of the Month. ECU is the Christian group on campus at the University of Wollongong, part of AFES, the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students, which supports ministries on universities all over Australia. The branch of AFES that focuses on international students is called FOCUS (the…

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Mission Update – Anglicare

Announcements, Church Governance, Missions

In February, our Mission of the Month giving is directed to Anglicare Community Services. Some of will know that 2016 saw the merger of the old Anglicare with ARV (Anglican Retirement Villages). This was to create greater scale to navigate an increasingly complex welfare and aged care world. Donations to Anglicare express the love of…

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Mission Update ~ 2017 Mission of the Month Allocations

Announcements, Church Governance, Events, Missions

Our Mission of the Month allocations for 2017 cover both local and international, direct missionary & teaching work and aid & development, ministry training & Bible literacy: January      Church Missionary Society (CMS) February    Anglicare March         Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (for ECU @ UOW) April         …

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Mission Update – CMS

Announcements, Church Governance, Missions, View from the pew

In December, our Mission of the Month giving is devoted to CMS – the Church Missionary Society. Through CMS, we continue to support these three wonderful sets of CMS link missionaries: Catherine Read, returning from student ministry in Ireland; Mal and Charissa Forrest in church pastoral work, Jordan; D & L, development work with students,…

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Mission of the Month and Parish Council update

Church Governance, Missions, News & Prayer

Mission Update – WCCEB In August, Mission of the Month donations are directed towards the Wollongong Combined Churches Education Board (WCCEB). This interdenominational Board, with representatives from many local churches, has been operating for many years supporting the employment and placement of paid SRE (Special Religious Education, a.k.a. ‘Scripture’) teachers in local high schools. It…

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Mission and Parish Council Update

Church Governance, Ministers' letters, Missions, News & Prayer

Mission Update – Bible Society & Scripture Union In July, Mission of the Month is divided between the Bible Society & Scripture Union. Recently we have been featuring “reasons to read the Bible” on our changeable sign board facing down Church Street. Things like “World’s best seller”, “impact on music and art”, “records the life…

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AGM Reports for 2015

Announcements, Church Governance, Ministries

PDFs of the reports presented at the 2015 AGM of the Anglican Parish of Wollongong are available to download here… AGM Executive Report 2015 (i.e. reports from parish Wardens and Senior Minister) AGM Ministry Reports 2015 (i.e. reports from leaders of our many ministries) For a brief (and visual) overview of the Executive Report, enjoy the infographic below! Click here for…

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Policy on Consumption of Alcohol

Church Governance, Social comment

In the Parish Context of St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral… In light of the biblical teaching that everything God created is good, that drunkenness is always to be avoided, that civil rulers and church leaders must take special care in any consumption of alcohol, and that Christians should avoid causing others to stumble by what they drink, the Parish Council…

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Minister’s Letter – Sabbatical Rest

Announcements, Church Governance, Ministers' letters, News & Prayer

Friends, some of us are familiar with the concept of a sabbatical. The word comes from the Sabbath, derived from the Hebrew language, which literally means the Seventh. Many of you may know that in the Old Testament, God decreed the seventh day of the week should be a day of rest for everyone. Such…

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