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Public Lecture: Marriage Redefinition

Community, Events, Public Lecture, Social comment

The lecture’s title picks up a much-discussed tweet. Is it true that #loveislove? Why defend the traditional definition of marriage? All are welcome to attend this public lecture in the Cathedral at St Michael’s on Wednesday 13 September at 7:30pm. It will be followed by Q&A. The aim of this lecture is not to direct…

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New Church Sign: Pride to the Side

Community, News & Prayer, Social comment

New Church Sign: Put ya pride to the side If you wanna abide In the arms open wide: Christ crucified – Augustine of Hiphop +++ “Augustine of HipHop” is a Twitter feed (handle @hiphopaugustine)! The author expresses Christian ideas in hip-hop style, based on the theology of Augustine of Hippo (354-430 A.D.) Augustine was Bishop…

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Towards Belief

Announcements, Community, Events, News & Prayer, Social comment

“Towards Belief” is a series of 30 minute videos on common ‘belief blockers’ that both those inside and outside the faith can struggle with.   Is it reasonable to be a person of faith? How can we deal with issues of suffering, science, violence, abuse and the supernatural in our consideration of God? Towards Belief  set out to provide…

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Is Wollongong ready for Christmas?

Community, Social comment

Click here for more information about our Christmas services at St Michael’s!

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Minister’s Letter: Post-Election Prayer

Ministers' letters, News & Prayer, Social comment

Friends, I have adapted this Scripture and prayer from Scotty Smith’s daily prayer blog, in particular, “A Prayer for a Day Before an Election”. Wollongong also had its own by-election for the state parliament yesterday too. And regardless of your politics, there are good reminders about out ultimate centre and security here… Do not be…

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Minister’s Letter – Synod Update

Announcements, Ministers' letters, Social comment

Friends, I and your other Synod reps are over half way through serving the cause of Christ through decision-making at Synod (our Anglican ‘parliament’) for the local Anglican churches in and around Sydney and Wollongong. Our other reps are Greg Engel and Ian McKensey. Sue Radkovic, with her regional Anglicare ESL perspective, is representing Port…

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Reasons to read the Bible #2

Community, General, Social comment

Impact on Music and Art Who said, “I am a little taken aback at the biblical ignorance commonly displayed”? Not a bishop but celebrity atheist, Richard Dawkins. In The God Delusion, he even suggested “the main reason the English Bible needs to be part of our education is that it is a major source book…

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Reasons to read the Bible #1

Community, Social comment

World’s Best Seller According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Bible is the bestselling book of non-fiction with over 5 billion copies sold! (Source: So why should you read the Bible? You may not agree that it is the word of God. You may agree with the people who have commented on that…

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Policy on Consumption of Alcohol

Church Governance, Social comment

In the Parish Context of St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral… In light of the biblical teaching that everything God created is good, that drunkenness is always to be avoided, that civil rulers and church leaders must take special care in any consumption of alcohol, and that Christians should avoid causing others to stumble by what they drink, the Parish Council…

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New Church Sign – Jesus Prophet Plus

News & Prayer, Social comment

Heres our new church sign: Jesus Prophet of God God of the Prophets     It sounds so tolerant to say all religions are the same. And people of all religion (and none) should treat each other with respect. But here’s a classic example where that sentimental assertion of no real differences breaks down. Islam…

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